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Ways To Let The Money Flow Into Your Life
"When it comes to creating wealth, wealth is a mindset. It's all about how you think." - David Schirmer

Money is energy and energy is always moving, always changing, moving in waves and cycles. Money will flow in and out of your life, like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. At times you will find that money flows in easily, at other times, it flows out, and sometimes the tide of the flow of money will seem not to change at all, but you should know, that moment is called the turning of the tide, and the cycle will inevitably start over again.

How you attract money is your responsibility; it is connected directly to your magnetic ability, that is to say, your energy vibration in relation to money. This varies from person to person and depends, to start with, on how much money you think you want or need to support you in the lifestyle of your choice.

In this article you will find out what may be stopping you from letting the abundance flow and how to be open to receiving increasingly larger amounts of money.

  • Remain Conscious Of The Law Of Attraction

  • In simple words, if you focus on abundance, you get abundance, but if you focus on lack of money, you will create more of a lack of money. What you radiate and vibrate in your life with your thoughts, emotions, words and beliefs, you will attract to you. You start by asking with your desire, you receive, and then you allow 'it' to come into your life.

  • Say 'Yes' To Wealth

  • When you say 'yes' to money, you include that in your vibration and you will attract money, and if you say 'no' to money with your feelings, thoughts or emotions, you will also include that in your vibration. So, do not settle for what life throws your way, instead create your life just as you want it to be.

  • Think Positive Thoughts About Your Money

  • Focus on what you have, versus what you do not have, and allow what you do not have only to serve as a light in helping you to see what you want to create. Think positively about the money that you have, visualize it growing, and flowing in and out of your bank account with ease. Feel good and get excited about creating money.

  • Create more money evidence in your environment

  • Get rid of all the cheap things that you have and leave only good quality products. You should not go shopping often because you will end up buying many cheap things that emanate the energy of lack. Buy less often but more quality products that symbolize wealth.

  • Get into the vibration of abundance

  • Raise your vibration so that you would become a vibrational match to the abundance. Focus only on positive things and symbols of abundance, speak positively and never get involved in the thoughts of hatred, envy or powerlessness, because such thoughts will materialize into negative manifestations.

  • Feel good about the subject of money

  • If someone brings up the subject of money, how does that make you feel? Do you feel interested to hear about it, eager for it, excited about it? Or do you feel fear, doubt, confusion and disempowerment? These are very different vibrations that tell what your financial point of attraction is.

    Try to approach money from a respectable and positive attitude, and soon you will experience money flow into your life. If you feel that it is hard for you to express such attitude towards money, then it means you still hold some limiting beliefs about this subject.

  • Treat money with respect

  • Pick up coins if you see them in the street, sort money neatly in your wallet, don't keep the money scattered in your bag or pocket. Have respect for money and money will flow to you.

    Pay your bills on time. If you don't return money you owe, you will not get any money in return. If you hoard money, that's all the money you will have.

  • Donate money

  • Give money away to charities, people that need help and for other good causes. Such money will be returned to you tenfold. This is a universal law.

    Be grateful for the money and other good things you have in your life because the more grateful you are, the more things of the same nature will start flowing into your experience.

  • Be patient

  • Enjoy the process of becoming abundant because then you will become wealthy sooner. However if you keep looking at the evidence that you still do not have money, be sure that the money will flow into your experience very slowly.

    You should have complete faith that the money will start flowing into your life, even if there is no evidence of it as yet. Try to ignore the absence of money and put all your energy into having faith that the money is coming - and it has to come.


Keep money in perspective in your life. It is simply a tool you can use to create the kind of lifestyle you desire. The hippie surfer is happy with minimum money inflow. His happiness does not depend on how much money he has. Don't make money the measure of your happiness either; life is far too grand for that. Open to the abundance vibration, expect money to flow in and out, to ebb and flow in a natural cycle in your life, and build your feelings of prosperity and happiness hand in hand but never from a place of need.
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January 19, 2019
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